Terms and Conditions




Your booking may not go ahead if -


  • Our staff are unable to deliver due to staff sickness
  • You are required to cancel your booking because you or someone in your household has Coronavirus symptoms within 14 days of the booking date. In the event you or someone contracts Covid-19 we will allow a date change to an available booking slot.
    • Repairs are required due to damage or breakdowns but will do our upmost to supply you with another Bouncy Castle/Hot Tub in this situation either at same price or part refund depending on price of replacement.
    • Poor weather such as heavy rain, heavy winds, Thunder Storms & Snow due to health & safety. 


We have seeked advice & are able to offer our products to hire throughout Covid-19 however our terms of hire have been amended due to safety for ourselves and yourselves which MUST be taken seriously by yourself, the hirer. This includes:


Inflatables will only be set up in private secure back gardens with gated access. 2 metre distance must be kept between yourself and staff and customers must adhere to government guidelines we shall not be responsible for customers denying governing advice. 


As standard our products are erected under our own judgement of safety & must not be moved. Access must be clear. You must agree to our terms and conditions & fully understand our terms & conditions prior to the hire. These can be explained over the phone if you have difficulty reading or/& understanding. Our Equipment will be disinfected, Sanitised & neutralised upon collection then thoroughly cleaned & sanitised once back at storage and then left in storage for a minimum of 3 days then cleaned & sanitised thoroughly ready for hire again. You must strictly inform us if upon booking if anyone in your household is showing symptoms of Coronavirus Covid - 19 or have had


symptoms in the past 14 days or have been advised to isolate. If any member of the household start to develop symptoms of the Coronavirus during the hire period then the use of our equipment must immediately cease and we must be informed of this immediately.


In the event of further COVID-19 lockdowns no refunds will be issued of booking fees alternatively we shall issue credit for a future booking therefore customers will not lose money or lose the experience of hiring from us. 


We reserve the right to cancel hire on the day for outside hires due to poor weather conditions for the safety of our hirers payments made we shall give customers credit to rebook another date, indoor hires will not be effected. Equipment requiring mains power will not be sited more than 30 meters away from the power point.


Generators are available to hire at additional costs should the distance be greater.


If we were to arrive at the hire location and find that the area where our equipment is to be placed is not clean & clear from potential hazards, of adequate ground size or suitable for securing the equipment we reserve the right to cancel the hire and request full payment to cover the cost of our attendance. Please check height restrictions & surroundings prior to booking. Should any equipment hired need to go through the property, we will not be held accountable for any damage caused. This includes water damage when moving wet units through the property. If we were to arrive at the hire location and the access is not clear & not explained to us when arranging your equipment hire of potential problems we reserve the right to cancel the hire and request full payment to cover the cost of our attendance.


Booking fees are non-refundable if hirer cancels the hire of our equipment if notice is less than 24 hours of the agreed hire date 100% of the fee is to be paid regardless to pay staff organised for your booking. Any Cancellations before booking date made we shall give 12 months credit to book another date. Cancellations made with over 7 days notice of booking date we shall issue credit to rebook another day.


The hirer is responsible for ensuring the following terms are adhered to:


Adults & Children are only to use equipment that are clearly marked as suitable for adult or child use on our website or are visible on the equipment.It is important that children of a similar size use the equipment at any one time to prevent accidents. In order to avoid the risk of choking & accidents whilst also preserving the cleanliness of our equipment we have a strict policy of no food, drink, sweets, to be consumed on or near our equipment. Please note that the hirer will be responsible for a cleaning/damage charge should this not be adhered to. All glasses, shoes, jewellery MUST be removed before using the equipment Party poppers, streamers, silly string, face paints or similar products MUST NOT be used on or near the equipment NO Smoking, fireworks, barbeques or water next to the equipment A responsible adult, ie over 18 MUST supervise the equipment at all times, before, during and after your event. Sharp toys or pets are NOT allowed on the equipment.


In wet weather conditions depending on the seriousness of wet weather conditions bookings maybe postponed in which you as the customer will be given credit for a future booking. Light rain is suitable but this is at the customers risk & customers decision to move date or go ahead we are not liable in the event of injury when hiring in wet weather conditions. 


HOT TUB T's & C's

Your booking may not go ahead if-

  • Our staff are unable to deliver your hot tub due to staff sickness
  • You are required to cancel your booking because you or someone in your household has Coronavirus symptoms within 14 days of the booking date. In the event you or someone contracts Covid-19 we will allow a date change to an available booking slot.
  • Repairs are required due to damage or breakdowns but will do our upmost to supply you with another Hot Tub in this situation either at same price or part refund depending on price of replacement.




* Always Shower before getting into the Hot Tub with swimming attire on to rinse off any washing powder, perfumes and deodorants and after take a shower to rinse yourself off. 


* Always wipe feet before dipping into the hot tub


* Wash ALL fake tan off before getting into the Hot Tub. 


* Always use the chemicals given as instructed. 


* Always clean filter daily ensuring pump is turned OFF before removing filter housing, remove filter housing take out the filter and clean it under hose pipe, refit into the filter housing once done refit into the hot tub and switch the pump back on. 






Prior to delivery please ensure that: The access is clear, remove any Wheely Bins etc from alleyways. If there are any steps into your property in the passageway please ensure that they are levelled with bricks/breezeblocks to stop the hot tub tipping to the side during delivery – They can cause substantial damage to fences/other property etc if the hot tubs tip or fall onto them. i.e make one step that fills the width of the passage/alleyway. We will not be held responsible for any damage caused to your property during the delivery process. Please ensure the health and safety of our delivery staff during the delivery process by providing them with a clear, trip free access route. If you have pets please ensure that your garden is clear of any pet waste before the delivery.


Household sockets or professionally installed external sockets must be used and be within a distance of 6 metres from the plot extension leads cannot be used for hot tubs, leads are sanitised for you, left on the ground and operator shall step back away for you to be able plug in internally if you do not have an external power source.


We fully setup for you ready for you to fill up, we will give you full instructions on how to work the hot tub and supply the chemicals required. Always refer to these terms and conditions to find advice or call us directly. 


Ensure you have an external water supply with a working tap you will be left with an hose pipe to fill up the hot tub.


Also once filled up supplied chemicals will be required to be put in the hot tub which can take upto 24 hours for your water to reach a suitable level before being able to use please factor this when hiring our Hot Tubs.


We reserve the right to refuse delivery on arrival if any of these terms are not met. If you aren’t sure about any of the above terms, please ring us on 07718 478750 or send us a picture of your access to bouncybeatz19@gmail.com.


In the event of repairs required whilst hot tubs are hired, a full investigation will be required so the unit will be taken away, investigated & repaired. In the event of damage caused by hirers the cost of repair will be handed to the hirer failure to pay will result in Small Claims Court. In the event the unit is to be taken away due to a repair is required which is not the hirers fault, no cost to hirer and either added days to make up for lost days will be given or a date change dependant on our booking queue, in the event issues were down to hirers repair costs may apply and hire days lost whilst repair is taking place please take rules within this terms and conditions seriously to prevent issues. 


Do not allow young children in the tub unsupervised. Do not have any electrical objects near the hot tub.


Do not consume alcohol whilst using the hot tub.


Do not use the hot tub whilst under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol


Do not use glass of any description in the hot tub. Plastic glasses are suitable.


Do not use the hot tub if you have any infectious diseases.


Do not enter the hot tub with clothes on other than suitable swimming attire.


Do not enter the hot tub with footwear on, no childrens toys or any other sharp objects.


Do not allow animals near the hot tub


Do not dive or jump into the hot tub.


Do not sit on the sides of the hot tub


Do not sit on the hot tub cover.


Do not stand, sit or place anything on the motor housing.


Do not use the hot tub if pregnant (Or consult your doctor)


Do not use the hot tub after strenuous exercise


Do not turn the hot tub off overnight; Only turn the hot tub off to clean the filter once a day, and ensure the pump is switched off to prevent debris clogging up the pump which may cause serious issues. 


Do not under any circumstances try to move the hot tub once installed.


Do not empty the hot tub to clean unless we have agreed as air locks will form and it will become unusable.


Do not drain down the hot tub at all unless you have spoken to us and we have agreed.


Do not remove suction fitting cover, this is to prevent risk of injury to body and/or hair entrapment We clean and disinfect our Hot Tubs after every hire term a copy of our cleaning records can be inspected. Therefore you cannot hold us liable for any reactions rashes or infections that may arise for up to 2 months from the start of your hire period.


Do not run the Intex Purespa massage whilst the cover is on as this may cause a vacuum.


Do not use your spa alone Do shower before entering the hot tub.


Do put something down to wash or wipe your feet on before entering the hot tub.


Do clean the filters as instructed ensuring pump is switched off when doing so. 


Do keep the water level topped up as instructed.


Do not allow the water level to drop below the top of the minimum line. 


Do keep the thermal cover on when not in use.


No body lotions , fake tan or make up is to be worn in the hot tub. We recommend all users to have a shower using no products before getting into the hot tub. Stains from fake tan will be charged for the cleaning of the tub. 


Do not add bubble bath, foam bath or washing up liquid of any description. Failing to comply with these instructions may cause serious damage to your skin or body


Hot Tubs MUST be under some sort of shelter to prevent damage to our hot tubs. (Gazebos are included with our hot tub hires)


Customers are liable for the quality of the water through the hire, BouncyBeatz will provide the chemicals required & information given on how to use




BouncyBeatz will not be held responsible for the misuse of our hot tubs. We will also not be held responsible for any damage caused by the hot tub to lawns, patios or decking or any water damage to anything whatsoever. It is your responsibility to make sure nothing gets damaged. We can advise you on any possible problems that could arise but most of it is common sense. You must exercise caution to prevent unauthorised access to your spa. Ensure your spa cover is securely fastened when spa is not in use. There is NO GUARANTEE that the cover, actual lock or clip tie downs will prevent access to your spa. The Hot Tub needs to be turned on for the duration of the hire period. Once the hot tub is full remove the hose pipe to stop back siphoning and emptying the tub. Any damage caused to the hot tub will need to be paid for we do not take a security deposit you are liable for any and all damage caused to the hot tub if you do not willingly pay for it then we will pursue a claim in the small claims court.(Which could affect your future credit). No more than 6 adults are allowed in the hot tub at any one time. Limit the time spent when using your spa since long exposures at warm temperatures can cause high body temperature. Symptoms may include dizziness, nausea, fainting, drowsiness, and reduced awareness, resulting in possible drowning. Prolonged immersion in a spa may be hazardous to your health. Spa water temperature should never exceed 104°F (40°C). Temperatures between 100°F (38°C) and 104°F (40°C) are considered safe for healthy adults for up to twenty minutes. For young children, lower water temperatures are recommended. Check with your doctor. Consult your physician before using your spa, especially if you suffer from heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, a condition needing medical treatment, pregnant women, infants or the elderly. You will be shown how to maintain the water and keep it clear for pleasant bathing. If you do not follow our instructions and the water becomes dirty which in turn clogs up the heater pump then we will not be held responsible for the hot tub cutting out and not working


correctly. If we are available and only if we are available we will come out to fix such issues at a fixed call out cost of £50 to you the customer.


Please take care of all accessories hired with the Spa to ensure they do not get damaged. In the event of wildlife damage Bouncybeatz "N" Tubz are not liable for refund in the event of wildlife damaging Hot Tubs it is your duty to ensure our products are safe from wildlife & pet damage. 





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